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Yellow Star Video – 20 minutes // Grades 5-Adult


Readings from the book!

How Yellow Star came about

Conversations between Sylvia and Jennifer

Why Jennifer didn’t want to write the book

What “Never Forget” means

The Writing Process

About ghettoes


Free Verse

Symbolism in Yellow Star

The moment of freedom

The touching moment when read the book

Aunt Sylvia history

**A portion of the video proceeds will go to Holocaust Education**

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Mindblind – 17 Minute Video // Grades 6-10


Many readings from the book!

Background – how the book came about

Description of the Autism Spectrum and ASD

Discussion of Mindblind

People who are/may be on the spectrum – from present, from history… even cartoons!

The word “Asperger” and its controversy

What it is like to be on the Spectrum

What the term “Mindblind” describes

Autism awareness and acceptance

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The Writing Process 10 Minute Video // Grades 4-10


Description of each step with examples –






Getting past the dreaded blank page/screen

Different types of writing

What it’s like to be a successful author and twin author

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Mini Lesson Video – 5 minutes // Grades 4-9


Descriptive Language

Figurative Language

Examples from Yellow Star, Mindblind and Jars of Hope


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★ Exclusive Yellow Star / Syvia Package! ★


Video and Downloads!


Brand New Video (August 2017) of Sylvia Perlmutter Rozines filmed at her home! Now 82 years old, Sylvia shares more stories of her incredible life and reads from “Yellow Star”.


“Yellow Star” bookmark cutouts

Childhood photos of Syvia with her doll!

2017 photo of Dora (Syvia’s sister) with Jennifer Roy

Sylvia’s family tree from her grandparents to grandchildren, (includes aunts, uncles and cousins’ who survived and those who perished in the camps

Photos of Sylvia, Dora and their families as of 2017

Maps of Lodz and the Lodz ghetto labeled where Syvia was hidden

           … and more!


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