Published by Capstone Young Readers
August 2015
Ages 6 and up

Jars of Hope

Amid the horrors of World War II, Polish social worker Irena Sendler worked in the Warsaw Ghetto for Jews. When the Nazis began shipping Jews out of the ghetto in cattle cars, Irena started smuggling out babies and children to give them a chance to live. She hid babies in places like laundry piles, a carpenter’s tool box, or a potato sack, and she helped older children escape through underground sewer tunnels.

After the children were out of the ghetto, Irena found safe places for them with foster families or in convents. Irena kept records of the children she helped smuggle away, and when she feared her work might be discovered, she buried her lists in jars, hoping to someday reunite the children with their parents.

This gripping true story of a woman who took it upon herself to help save 2,500 children from the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust is not only inspirational; it’s unforgettable. Written by Jennifer Roy and illustrated by Meg Owenson, Jars of Hope is a dramatic and sophisticated picture book that addresses themes of discrimination, courage, and friendship. It honors the newly discovered story of a small group of Polish women who risked their lives to save thousands of Jewish children.