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Thanks for checking out my website! Since I’ve written books that are very different from each other, you might be:

No matter who you are, you are appreciated! Authors need readers, the world needs readers, and I need people like YOU to help me keep doing what I love.

Some thoughts about my books:

Yellow Star

My Aunt Sylvia (little “Sylvia”) just visited from Maryland. She spent time with her older sister Dora (who lives about 30 miles away from me). It was great for my son to hang out with her and get to know her. She recently also traveled to Montreal to attend the Bat Mitzvah of one of her cousin Jack’s (“Baby Isaac”) grandchildren.

Sylvia doesn’t go to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum very often anymore, as it is not so easy for her to go into the city of Washington D.C. She is in her 70s! But she looks great, laughs a lot, and she LOVES all the letters that have been sent to her from students around the world. (Maybe even you!) Anyway, she says “Hello, everyone!”

The Trading Faces Series

I have the BEST time writing with my twin sister Julia. (See for more on my sister and her projects!) Emma and Payton rock! Go Geckoes!

Trading Faces Quiz: Are you a Payton or an Emma?

1. Do you…
A. Have lots of friends
B. Have a few, close friends

2. Do you…
A. Want to be trendy
B. Want to be comfortable

3. Do you…
A. Like being on stage and acting in a play
B. Like being on stage and competing with mathletes

4. Do you…
A. Stress over social situations
B. Stress over academic situations

5. You…
A. Are fun, friendly, with a good sense of humor
B. Are ambitious, nice, with a good sense of humor

If you answered mostly A‘s, you are a Payton!
If you answered mostly B‘s, you are an Emma!
If you had a combination of A‘s and B‘s, you are… a Payma? An Emton? Really? Just be YOURSELF!

Fun Q’s: 

If you had a twin or triplet what would his/her name be?
If your twin were your opposite, what would (s)he be like?
If you were a twin would you switch places? Where and why?


The main thing I want you to know – every person with Asperger’s is different. Some, like my character Nathaniel (and my son, who was 8 when the book came out), are extremely intelligent. Others are average and many have trouble with schoolwork. Some are shy and others talk a LOT. Some are easier to be friends with. I hope you are able to see all their good qualities. Please, do not tease them or bully them. If you see or hear someone making fun of an Aspie, please do something. People do not ask to be born with Asperger’s Syndrome, and they deserve to be treated kindly. There are many Aspies who do great things and are proud of who they are. I know I’m proud of my son, and I would not change him for anything.


If you like math and science and obsessively watch at least one “smart” TV show: YOU ARE A NATHANIEL
If you want to become the next “American Idol” and are creative and kind: YOU ARE A JESSA
If you don’t take life too seriously and are loyal to your friends: YOU ARE A COOPER
If you are quiet, except when you’re banging on your drum set: YOU ARE A LOGAN
If you love horses and love horses, and love horses: YOU ARE A MOLLY
If you are nice to people who are quirky, quiet, sometimes annoying, socially backward, or nerdy: YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!!!

What am I working on next?

I like to write serious books, then fun books, then serious, then fun… I’ll let you know when there’s more news about that! I’m also doing book signings and continuing my school visits. All good stuff!

Thanks again for stopping by! Happy reading!

– Jennifer