“Sharpen Your Writing Skills”
Enslow Publishers (2011) 

• Sharpen Your Report Writing Skills
• Sharpen Your Story or Narrative Writing Skills
• Sharpen Your Good Grammar Skills
• Sharpen Your Essay Writing Skills (with Johannah Haney)
• Sharpen Your Debate and Speech Writing Skills (with Johannah Haney)
• Sharpen Your Business Letter Writing Skills (with Sherri Mabry Gordon)


“Math All Around” Series (with Gregory Roy) 
Marshall Cavendish Benchmark (2006, 2007)

• Addition in the Forest
• Holiday Fractions
• Numbers on the Street
• Patterns in Nature
• Sorting at the Ocean
• Subtraction at School
• Division with Toys
• Graphing in the Desert
• Measuring at Home
• Money at the Store
• Multiplication at the Farm
• Shapes in Transportation

“Discovering Cultures” Series
Marshall Cavendish Benchmark (2004, 2005) 

•    Israel
•    Jamaica (with Gregory Roy)


“Health Alert” Series
Marshall Cavendish Benchmark (2005) 

•    Depression


“Artist Biographies” Series
Enslow Elementary (2002)

•    Norman Rockwell: The Life of an Artist (with Gregory Roy)


“Teen Issues” Series
Enslow Publishers (2000, 2001)

•    Difficult People: Dealing With Almost Anyone
•    Romantic Breakup: It’s Not the End of the World